Cover Reveal

Our sweet helpful Asheville Medium has a troll, a stalker. How will she handle it? Find out in the 11th book in this clean cozy mystery series with ghost stories.



Snapped Series

Have you ever wondered why a normally healthy woman snaps and does something so out of character that we think her actions are insane? This fiction series delves into the reasons and explains how sometimes the mental disorder is one of accumulated experiences, happening over time, and sometimes it occurs suddenly or happens out of the blue.

Take a ride on the dark side with someone who simply SNAPS because they cannot take it anymore!

Alice’s Anger, Book 1

Roger and Alice appeared to be the perfect couple. To the outside world, they seemed to have it all – a great marriage filled with romance and exotic vacations, money, and prestige. If one took a closer look, however, they might find that it was a marriage of chastisement.

Alice’s Anger is currently on preorder and I will be sharing chapters from this book shortly.