I would’ve never believed that these two items could make such a major difference in my daily writing life. As many of you know, I have written, formatted, and published over thirty books in paperback and eBook. Some are even in large print – so those 30 books can easily add up to almost 90 when you add all the different formats. As you can image, my wrists and fingers get very strained and tired from all the typing and computer work I do. After years of struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome, I finally broke down and invested in the following items this month:

Ergonomic keyboard
trackball mouse

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I’d like to tell you how much I love these additions to enhance my writing career. Yes, if you click on either image or link, I get a small commission from Amazon. Very small, like pennies.

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The keyboard takes a little getting used to – it is split into two sections with a space bar on each side. Still, it has the raised bump on the ‘J’ and ‘F’ keys so you have your old fail-safe while getting used to it. If you’re like me, you’ve been using a plain-Jane keyboard for years and your wrists have suffered from it. I admit that it took me a few days to adjust to the newness, but that is how it is with most things when we make changes.

What I love most about it – no batteries to run out while in the middle of writing a new chapter for a new book. Yes, this keyboard had a nice long cord with a USB connection to your computer.

So how about this Sci-Fi looking mouse? Right?

It takes a lot of getting used to – much more than the keyboard. I’m still adapting, but the ball moves the mouse cursor with your thumb which saves you a lot of wrist motion while rolling a regular mouse around. Your thumb does most of the work. Do I like it? Yes!! I love it.  It comes with a USB connection and works instantly. The battery is supposed to last for a full year. That would be great. My previous wireless mouse ate batteries like candy.

Now, when I take a break while writing, I sometimes open the games folder and play solitaire and spider solitaire. It clears my head and lets me think about what I’ve been working on in the back corner f my mind. Using the trackball mouse is a challenge for me when playing games, but it is a breeze while writing or using it on Facebook and Twitter.

You will need two extra USB ports on your computer to accommodate these goodies.

I highly recommend these for writers.

That’s really all I have to say about that. It helps me and I know these items will help you, too.

All the best,


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