I find it odd that so many others want to give something away in order to get subscribers to their email lists. Personally, I don’t have time to write newsletters or send them out – I am too busy writing new books and promoting the ones I’ve written. And, although I have that option – and so do you (there is a sign-up link on every page here), I’d rather give you my free books right here on my website. With that in mind, I will list my completely FREE published eBooks below with the links to where you can download them. The one links shows you all the many places where the book is free – Amazon, apple, nook, etc. However, first I’d like to tell you why I give away free eBooks to my potential loyal fans. Let’s just say that I like to give something back and I want you to have a sample of my writing before you invest time and energy in me as an author. It is my belief that if you like my free book, you will check out my other books. Perhaps you will become a follower. In essence, I’d rather have you in my life that way than not at all.

Keep in mind that I write inspirational nonfiction books, lots of them. You can see that by clicking on the tabs on my website. I also write lots of fiction books with characters who have extraordinary gifts and abilities. Some dream dreams, some have visions, and some face phenomenal supernatural changes that they must learn to accept.

Please choose one or all three of these completed, full-length eBooks as my gift to you. And, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you for visiting my free book page.

My free nonfiction book – Letting go of Pain
A simple reminder that we must first let go in order to moveĀ  forward.










1st free fiction eBook – Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles, Book 1)

Mike only wanted a normal life, but he isn’t normal. He has a paranormal gift. Some would call him psychic. He sees visions of future images that come true. He’s kept his ability secret for a very long time, but now, someone has discovered Mike’s secret and they’ll do whatever it takes to capture him in order to study his mystical ability.









2nd free fiction eBook – Prelude (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

It all began when seventeen-year-old Alec Winters discovered his father was a pedophile. Alec couldn’t deny the evidence when he caught his father in the act of molesting his younger sister, Catalina. A desire for vengeance and retribution overwhelmed Alec and the supernatural transformation took place. Alec became both a terrifying demon and a compassionate beautiful angel. Alec became both a “punisher” and a “savior.” Needless to say, this strange occurrence turned his life upside down. (Warning – this book is very dark fiction and deals with the seediest sides of life; emotional triggers.)