I cannot recommend this product enough. It changed my life. I hope you will consider it as part of your exercise routine, especially if you are over fifty.

This is the review I left on Amazon for this amazing tool that makes me feel better every day:

I love this lightweight mini trampoline. It is lightweight, but also very sturdy as it supports up to 250 pounds.

I use it every day.

I have a very sedentary job. I am a writer. I sit at my computer either writing or promoting what I have written for hours on end for 7 days a week. At least, I did before I got this mini trampoline. Now, I set my phone’s alarm to remind me to get up and jump or bounce every hour on the hour during my work day. It has improved my balance and core strength. I might add that I’m 67 years old so this is very important to my overall well-being. If you don’t use it, you lose it as they say. This hourly activity gives me the exercise flexibility that I really need and is low impact so that’s great for my age and condition.

For those of you who haven’t exercised much in the past, I recommend that you start slowly. At first, I bounced while I counted to thirty.  Doing that 6 to 8 times a day will get your blood pumping. During the following week, increase it to 45 counts, and so forth and so on. The most important thing is don’t overdo it in the beginning or you will have sore muscles and then you won’t want to use it. Take your time and this little bouncer will become your best friend.

Now, maybe you think that doing 30 bounces while counting to 30 is too little. Maybe you think it won’t do any good, but let me assure you that as we age, any and all movement helps our bodies, our balance, and our core strength. When you haven’t been using your body, it grows weak. Weakening eyesight also affects our ability to exercise because it affects our balance. So, I still say start small. You don’t want to injure yourself when you start a new exercise routine. Take it easy and increase it a little every week.

If your balance isn’t what it used to be, this trampoline is offered with a balance bar. I set up my trampoline behind an armchair and next to the wall. That way, if I ever began to lose my balance or stability while on the trampoline, the wall or the sturdy chair back is there for my support. If you feel that you need the bar, scroll down and check out the trampoline at the bottom of this post which has a bar. It is your decision.

When I first began to use this trampoline, I got excited with how I felt doing 30 bounces so I increased it. I overdid it. I bounced for 90 counts which is about a minute and a half.  Sounds moderate, right? I did this every couple of hours and by the next morning, I woke up sore and achy all over. A little went a long way. I had to rest the next day and the day after. After the soreness left, I exercised for 60 bounces every couple of hours until I could build up my strength. Now, when I say “exercise for 60 bounces,” I’m standing on the trampoline with both feet flat on the surface. Then I move my weight from one foot to the other. My feet never leave the trampoline’s surface.

After a few months of conscientiously working at this, I now bounce every thirty minutes for somewhere between 100 – 150 bounces. I count, one-two, two-two, three-two, four-two, and so on. The right foot is the number, the left foot is always two.

That sounds as if it is nothing, but let’s do the math using a typical 8-hour day at work (or home) where you are sitting for most of the day.

Bouncing for 60 counts once every hour for 8 hours would equal to about – 8 minutes of exercise.

Bouncing for 90 counts once every hour for 8 hours would equal to about – 12 minutes of exercise.

Bouncing for 150 counts once every hour for 8 hours would equal to about – 25 minutes of exercise.

That’s nothing to sneeze at especially when you haven’t been doing ANY exercise.

It’s low impact as long as you shift your weight from one foot to the other and keep your feet flat on the surface.

Now, if you begin to feel really confident after doing this for a few months, then, by all means, jump from one foot to the other or jump with both feet. I will warn you that jumping from one foot to the other will work muscles that you have forgotten existed and you will get sore again. After some practice and once you can work out on the trampoline for 12 to 20 minutes stretched out over the day without losing your balance, feel free to make up your own routine. But in the beginning, I caution moderation.

And, as with all exercise, ask your doctor or medical expert before you start a new exercise routine.


Maybe you can’t do this:











But, with practice you can do this:









Oops, my timer just went off. Time to get up and move this butt and these legs. Oh, and by the way, move those arms too. Pump them, swing them, whatever feels comfortable and whatever you can do without losing your balance.

As usual, I wish you all the best!


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