Introducing a new character to a reader is something I love doing. Literary fiction is exactly that! Where a story is woven around a character, or even a few. At the same time, romance is part of the deal. I love a happy ever after. But I do enjoy weaving the story of how characters get to meet. In all my novels you will find that thread of romance. From the beginning to the end. Romance is a passion. Happy moments and sad moments. That is all a part of the deal. You will find them in all my novels. Pretty much the way real life happens. I hope to draw you in and make you feel as if you are a part of the family. I do hope you get to enjoy my novels. The list will slowly grow. Once you have read one of my novels please leave a review. It really does help.

I am situated near Durban in South Africa. I immerse myself in my novels. Writing has since become my hobby, my past time, and I have turned it into my full time career. I aim to make each book that I write a pleasure to read. I hope to achieve that.

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