Pamela Cummins knows how much better our lives become when you walk (not talk) the path of personal growth and spirituality. Her life is a million times happier than when she first began her adventures in 1989. Pamela’s journey began with lots of healing work on herself that also included exploring and learning dream interpretation. Her dream work prompted her psychic gifts returning to her, which she had shut down in her childhood. Pamela has experienced the many benefits of self-growth, which prompted the calling to share it with the world. This led to her training and becoming an ordained interfaith spiritualist minister, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, certified energy healer, body/mind counselor, teacher, author, coach, and former massage therapist and matchmaker. She also has been blessed with the psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. Pamela is a channel for loving angels, guides, and ancestors of both her clients and her own. Her clients call her the “Musical Psychic” because she often gives messages through song lyrics. Pamela’s angels and guides call her “The High Priestess of Love.”

Pamela began her private practice in 1993 and was an adviser for numerous psychic lines. Pamela's weekly The Love Channel Show broadcasted from July 2012 to October 2016. She has been a guest for webinars, summits, and on many radio shows. Her monthly columns are the “Love Channel” and "In the Dreamtime" in the free online Bellesprit Magazine. Pamela has dedicated her life to helping her clients become empowered and reach their full potential. The future is not always written in stone; she shines the light on the unknown path and gives her clients the tools to create a positive future. Pamela is here to help and looks forward to serving you. The more personal side of Pamela is she is in a happy love relationship. She is owned by two spoiled cats, who on occasion respect her boundaries. Pamela loves walking, yoga, reading, writing, traveling, and dining out. She enjoys music from R&B, old school, rock, folk, New Age, jazz, and more. The “Musical Psychic” even likes some rap, county, and opera. A social media addict, you can usually find her on Pinterest or Facebook. Pamela plans on being the path of personal growth until her deathbed and beyond!
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