Laurel Heidtman writes mysteries and romances-- as she says, "I can't make up my mind whether I prefer killers or kisses so I indulge in both. I publish mysteries and thrillers under the name Laurel Heidtman, and I publish romances and cozy mysteries under the name Lolli Powell."

I write mysteries and thrillers under the name Laurel Heidtman and cozy mysteries and romances under the name Lolli Powell. You can find Lolli Powell books on Amazon

I live with my husband, three dogs, and two cats on private land surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. Over the years, I've paid the bills by being a dancer, a bartender, a police officer, a registered nurse, and a technical writer. I draw on that life experience and my two English degrees to create stories that I enjoy writing and hope readers will enjoy reading.

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