Grace Willows is the writing team of Robin Woods and Julie Brookshier. Grace Willows is our alter ego. It lets us write stories filled with passion, romance, and paranormal mystery We have been writing together for 5 years.

Julie: I wrote my first full length novel at age 7, but I first started getting story ideas for books when I was 3. I can not remember a day when I did not have at least two plots  for  books running through my head simultaneously. I usually begin our story lines  since I always have plots running through my head. I can see each story idea unfold like a movie. I send the ideas to Robin and she picks out one she really likes. I will then write the plot with the characters as the “movie” plays in the back of my head. I have to get the material down before it “vanishes.” Robin then fills in all the details and then works her magic, I am very lucky, because my writing partner is my best friend. Robin is the heart of our team. She brings a never-ending desire for quality and an incomparable attention to detail. She is a fantastic writer, and I’m really proud of her.

Robin: I wrote my first novel in 2005 but have had stories running through my head since I was young.  I add my own special twists into the book’s storylines  and fill in the background. I too have movies running through my head but I have to let my stories stew until they’re done and then the plodding comes in. I have to try out each sentence two or three different ways until I get it just right.Julie is the engine that runs our team and I am very proud of her. She can create stories like crazy. She gets an idea in her head and lets it percolate for a couple days. The next thing you know, she’s up at oh-dark-thirty typing away, trying to keep up with the movie that’s running through her head. Nothing else matters but to get the words down on paper. We write romance novels and have an on-going series of short-story romances called Weekend Passions. Sometimes you meet someone and you can tell right away that they’re going to be your best friend. It happens to all of us whether it’s a friend we met as children or someone you work with. Well in the case of our stories, it’s not just a best friend but a lover. A man who catches your eye, gives you butterflies, makes you lie awake at night wishing he were with you now. We believe we have the best job in the world, we get to bring a happily ever after to our fans. You can’t ask for a better job than that.

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