As I got older, I noticed that the print in regular books got smaller and smaller. It was very difficult to read. I switched to Kindle books because I could increase the font which enabled me to enjoy reading again.

If you're like me, perhaps you prefer reading "real" paperbacks. With that in mind, I published several of my paperback books in large print with 16 point font.

Please tell your local library that these books are available for their customers who desire to read large print books.

You can see the list below.

A Dream Come True: A Novelette for The Vision Chronicles series tells the story of how Mike and Danny met long before they were introduced in Spyglass (The Vision Chronicles, Book 2). It is a love story of soulmates who are constantly kept apart by one man.

The Vision Chronicles Series:

A metaphysical/visionary thriller series where Mike Lewis's psychic ability is both a blessing and a curse.

Kaleidoscope, Book 1

Spyglass, Book 2

Window's Pane, Book 3

Windows All Around, Book 4

Open Spaces, Book 5

Stream of Light, Book 6

Lamp's Light, Book 7

Clear Glass, Book 8

The Journey

The Retreat

I also have nonfiction books in Large Print. If you'd like to see more of my nonfiction books in Large Print, send me a message. See below: